Special Delivery

Special Delivery is made in a collaboration between Aardman Animations and Google Spotlight Stories, and directed by Tim Ruffle. It’s a 360 video designed to be viewed on a smartphone, and tells the story of a humble janitor who gets disturbed by a mysterious stranger on Christmas.

I worked as an animator for some background characters in the film, as part of my internship at Aardman. Maya playblasts are shown below. Note that these do not represent the final product.

Special DeliverySpecial DeliverySpecial DeliverySpecial Delivery

Personal Work

During my internship, I also got to do a bit of personal work and practice. One of the things I practiced was lip-syncing animation, in this case to one of the soundbites from Creature Comforts. Another personal day was spent trying out claymation, which was a lot of fun as well.

Creature Comforts lip-sync.